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Will My WOW Account Banned For Buying Gold?

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I see everywhere places advertising World of Warcraft gold for sale and even some of my friends have recently started buying WoW gold. They say it is a whole lot safer than getting your character powerleveled and I shouldnt be worried about getting banned for it. I am thinking of buying wow gold for my and my son's accounts. This thought came in after chancing across a gold selling site. 10000g is just 25 dollars, which is like a couple of hours work. Being tied up at work most of the time, I do not have much time for my son. WoW seems to be the thing getting us together. That said, I wouldn'twant both our accounts banned. Sure, I can get another 2 boxes but the time my son puts into his character, Warrior (gear intensive), I wouldn't imagine how bad he will feel if that is lost. Don't worry about it. Blizzard bans accounts, but not the accounts that buy wow gold, but the accounts that produce wow gold and even the gold farmers accounts are not really banned, thats why there are still so many gold farmers out there. You just need to be cautious to buy wow gold. Here are some advices from other wow players: T Money: My advice is to not buy a lot at once and dont buy often post my feedback on how much I dislike what CRZ has done to worsen an already bad system, however it seems the wow forums refuse to let me on. My regular account login is perfectly fine. I really don't feel like they do respond well to feedback when it comes to CRZ. Just in my browsing of the forums over the past couple months, I've seen an overwhelmingly negative opinion of it. Almost any time you see a blue post on the subject they just say it was what they wanted to do and getting people out in the world, etc etc. Or they skirt the issue completely and attack the poster for not organizing their opinions in a more civil way. That one I've seen a couple times now. Mostly I'm not in favor of CRZ because of other factors. I'm an achievement hunter. Have been since the announcement of achievements. I enjoy accomplishing goals (largely arbitrary ones in this game, but goals nonetheless). The reasons for my dislike of it stems from the fact that old (Northrend/Outland) rare mobs have ludicrous spawn times, even for pre-CRZ zone populations. An amount which has been increased exponentially because of CRZ. 12+ hours for a regular mob in a now largely unused zone is way too high. Provided you'd even get the same CRZ where you had previously tracked it. That brings up another issue. It's completely plausible that with the shifting of people over the course of days or weeks, they could possibly never even have the opportunity to have even SEEN a certain enemy mob. Also for the battle pet issue. Same thing. Scourged Whelplings. Not only are there none on the CRZ I was moved to, but now I get to hang out with 6 other people from different servers waiting for the respawn of a battle pet that basically never occurs outside of when a server comes back up, if then. I've spent weeks flying around that little area they are supposed to spawn and nothing to show for it but a sore ass. It's also really obnoxious to fly over the area 20 seconds beforehand and see 15 of them, ripe for the picking and then the CRZ shifts to the one with none. It's a tease. Just move us on entering the zone period, not this lame lagging garbage when we land. Or the time zone shifts. Those aren't fun sometimes. The PvP server implications are even worse, but since I left my pvp server (partially because of CRZ, mostly because I just hate pvp in general) I don't have to worry about those anymore. It was so much fun being camped by the level 90's from KJ while i was in the 50's, cruising around Blasted Lands or some such place. Definitely improved my leveling experience, blizz... Then thWow.: | Looks like MWs just had a massive dump dropped on them. Wonder what caused all of this?eir response to such claims is something along the lines of Bullshirt. Pure, unadulterated BS. You think some cat is gonna cruise to Winterspring just to go fight someone for you unless they're a really good friend? In the zone and need help from someone there? Maybe there are no 90's, maybe the 90's there couldn't give a damn, maybe they're undergeared and would die too. Leaving the defense of leveling characters in the hands of other players is not a winning strategy. Sure stopping CRZ won't stop the issue of lowbies being killed by high levels, but you could at least stop feeding them from 6 other servers and in turn also stop feeding us to griefers from 6 other servers as well. Someone had a solid post on the CRZ feedback thread that i feel really illustrates the lack of sense in the system's current setup; by Retrimutionso why not have a cross crz for people specifically within the level range of the particular zone. and then everyone else will get their regular servers and not have to deal with it. how does 10 level 90s in searing gorge improve anyones leveling experience? Obviously I don't have a concrete solution. I'm too busy doing my job and school work to do theirs too. It needs work, but Blizz doesn't seem to be very vocal on several of the primary concerns people have, so we're forced to think they don't give a damn when they make posts on CRZ feedback, but don't actually acknowledge issues.cally|generally|normally}. Having someone send you 50k gold or 10k gold every few weeks face to face in game and deleting their accounts can get suspicious. I have people in my guild that regularly buy wow gold and havent been banned and of course they wont ban first time offenders. What you should be more worried about is the reputation of the persoOriginally Posted by HarmzuayIf you go over to WowProgress you might be able to find what you're looking for. Yep, realms like that are fairly common now. Other examples of lopsided progression realms include Mal'Ganis, Mug'thol, and Cho'gall. And it's odd enough that there aren't hardly any PvP realms in which Alliance are the 99%. The closest you'll get to that is one of the Russian realms and Silvermoon if you're on EU, but that's a PvE realm.n|individual|particular person|man or woman} you would buy from as you will be giving them your credit card information and a lot of people are shady, especially since they mostly exist outside of North America. Applegrance: I dont know. But when I bought wow gold from, WOW GOLD my account is not banned. Am I lucky? I have no idea. They deliver me pure hand farmed wow gold face to face in game. Wowmonkey: Well its easy to buy gold if you go to the right people. Blizzard has the ability to read all the text and mail in the game. Therefore try to find a site that doesnt make it too obvious thats you bought the gold. Some even let you make out what the letter to you says to help you not get banned. So, just take it easy, be cautious to buy wow gold and choose the legit and professional supplier. Source:
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